Photodynamic Therapy

What is Photodynamic Therapy?

Photodynamic therapy is a treatment option for those who suffer from acne and precancerous lesions called Actinic Keratoses.

When treating Actinic Keratoses, a prescription medication called Amulez Gel is applied to the skin. Once the medication is applied to the skin, the treatment area will be incubated and activated under IR+Red light and Blue light for a total of one hour. The medication gets activated by the different wavelengths of light and will stimulate the AK cells and destruct them.

PDT has also been proven to be effective in treating acne. In certain cases, your doctor may recommend the blue light to be combined with or without Amulez Gel. Optimum results will be seen between 4-12 weeks after the course of treatments are complete, with most people seeing their best response 8 weeks after treatment. Some patients experience increased acne lesions during their treatment, due to the detoxification process of the treatment, however this settles down once the treatment is complete.

How many treatments will I need?

The protocol for PDT is 3 treatments  about 4 weeks apart if treating with the Amulez Gel for Actinic Keratoses. Once you have had your series you will follow-up with your provider one month post treatment.

Blue light and IR+Red light can be added to any facial in our office at any time cosmetically.

Is PDT covered by insurance?

If we are treating you for precancerous lesions such as Actinic Keratoses then we will bill your insurance. 

If we are treating your skin for acne it is not covered by insurance and will be considered a “cosmetic” treatment with an out-of-pocket charge.