Intense Pulse Light

Intense Pulse Light

Intense Pulse Light is an FDA approved method that uses high energy light and heat to remove sun-damage (brown hyperpigmentation), facial redness, flushing and unwanted facial spider veins. 

What areas can be treated with the IPL?

Face, neck, chest, scalp, arms, hands, back and legs.

How many treatments do I need and what does it feel like?

Depending on the severity of your skin condition treatment intervals are anywhere from 3-5 treatments  about 4 weeks apart for best results. Once the skin condition has resolved, you may find that yearly maintenance is necessary.

IPL feels like a rubber band snap with each pulse. We can apply a topical numbing agent to the skin prior to treatment if we are treating you for brown sun-damged skin. After treatment, your skin may feel like a mild sun burn for up to 24 hours. We will send you home with proper post care instructions and products to use for a few days.